Dandelion Chocolate: Engineering perfect chocolates

Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring founded an Internet company called Plaxo and sold it to Comcast in 2008. Then they opened Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco’s Mission district, and started making chocolate the way hardly anyone does any more, in a process beautifully explained on their website. “We took a very engineering, data-driven approach,” Ring explained to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Chocolate is one of the few foods that is both fermented and roasted, two processes that create interesting flavor notes,” Dandelion explains. “It can have more complexity than wine, but as most companies will try to remove these nuances for the sake of consistency and cost, many people have never experienced chocolate’s full potential.”

For that experience try one of the three single-origin Dandelion Chocolate bars, each made only from two ingredients, cocoa beans and cane sugar:

  • Mantuano, Venezuela
  • San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic
  • Ambanja, Madagascar

They engineered some great chocolate bars.


© 2012 Laurie Frankel Photography

© 2012 Laurie Frankel Photography

© 2012 Laurie Frankel Photography