CB McGillivray

CB McGillivray – The Artist Behind the Counter

By Caroline Parker


Before he worked at Driver’s Market, CB McGillivray was a customer. “I fell in love with the place and the community of people,” he said of the market. In 2014, CB started working in the deli. Now he is a supervisor, usually the first person at Driver’s every morning, 5 days a week. He sets up the store for the day, making sure the deli is organized and the prepared foods are presentable.


“CB is steady as a rock,” said Adam Driver. “He is here every morning at 6:30 a.m. to open the store. He also has a developed palate — he helps us test recipes and we trust his feedback.”


CB, a native of Chicago, lives in Sausalito and is able to walk to work. He brings a creative sensibility to his work at Driver’s. An artist in his private life, CB specializes in abstract landscape drawings, among other things. He approaches his work at Driver’s as an artistic and social opportunity. CB enjoys helping create recipes, discovering new foods on the shelves, and especially interacting with customers.


“One thing I tell customers is that Driver’s Market is one of those places that actually do what they say they do,” said CB. “They are about community and caring about people. It’s very meaningful.”