Francisco Cuervo, Family Man

Francisco Cuervo is busy. He cares for his three young children at the family home in Novato every morning so his wife can get to work. Then he works the night shifts at Driver’s and another local establishment.


Although he recently took a leave from the market to care for his kids, Francisco has been at Driver’s since we opened in 2013. He was working nearby when he saw the market was hiring. Francisco’s prior grocery experience lent well to Driver’s needs and over the years he has worked as the head of produce and is now head of our bulk department. “Francisco has been with us from the beginning and we are truly lucky to have him as a part of the Driver’s family,” Adam says. “From the moment we met him it was clear that Francisco is the rare kind of person who takes joy from helping others and making things around him better.”


Family ownership at Driver’s is a good fit for Francisco, who encouraged his sister Amaris to apply shortly after they opened. Now his niece Ana has a job working in the deli. “The Cuervo family plays a prominent role at Driver’s,” says Adam, who is not surprised their family fits in so well at the market. “I think we have a similar philosophy to theirs. We treat each other with respect, we like to joke around, we help each other in difficult times, and we always have each other’s backs. We will always be thankful to Francisco for connecting the Driver family and the Cuervo family.”


The importance of community

Community is important to Francisco. He enjoys it both at work and in the Sausalito neighborhood he has come to know. To him, working at Driver’s feels different from corporate grocery chains where you work, get paid, and leave. “Adam, Paul and Graham are good people,” says Francisco. “They like to work with the community, and I like that.” He often takes his lunch breaks walking along the waterfront and watches the boats.


Francisco also instills the importance of community in his family. He wants his kids to grow up to be successful and to give back. His second-grade daughter understands. After school recently, she told him a group of kids had left a pile of trash behind at their lunch table, so she and her friend stayed behind to clean up the mess. Her teacher came by to nudge the girls back to class, but thanked them and invited them to help out again the next day.


February will be a happy month for Francisco as he celebrates his youngest son’s birthday – Feliz Cumpleaños to Miguelito who turns two on Valentine’s Day!