Driver's Market in Sausalito

Love and Hummus and delicious

The Love and Hummus Co. makes the kind of food that inspires us at Driver’s Market. Local. Organic. Sunstainably packaged. Delicious.

Founder Donna Sky got her start through La Cocina, the innovative incubator kitchen, and has succeeded because her hummus tastes great. “When Donna Sky says that the love in jar of her hummus is an ingredient,” SF Weekly says, “we’re easily convinced that she is genuine.”

Love and Hummus only organic ingredients to make naturally healthy, low sodium, vegan, high fiber, dairy- and gluten-free hummus. Each batch of starts with the most delicious premium ingredients. Each small batch is a blend of organic ingredients, handmade to ensure that every jar will taste fantastic. It’s packaged into 100% recyclable & BPA free glass jars that don’t leach harmful chemicals into your food, and are easy to re-use and recycle.

See if you can taste the love as well as the organic California chickpeas.