Mr. Wong's Sauces | Driver's Market

Mr. Wong’s, a local family affair

Mr. Wong’s authentic Asian sauces have been enjoyed by lucky Bay Area residents for more than 50 years. First found only in Mr. Wong’s own East Bay restaurants, the hand-crafted line is now distributed  throughout Northern California.

Bernice Wong grew up mixing and bottling her father’s sauces in his restaurants, knowing that, one day, she would be responsible for taking over the business. “I’m so proud to be carrying on my father’s legacy while also offering these sauces to those who enjoy food as much as he and I do,” she says. “We base all of our decisions around maintaining his authenticity while introducing healthy ingredients.”

Bernice personally chooses each of the top quality, healthy, non-GMO ingredients, and hand-crafts these sauces in small batches in Marin County. Her use of rice bran oil is a unique twist on other typical hot oils. It’s high in antioxidants and infused with tons of flavor.

Mr. Wong’s sauces are intended to be used in a wide variety of ways. Try them with meats, fish, noodles—even on salads—and find your own favorite combinations.