Poems from the Garden and it’s not Eden

May 2020 – Two poets, two longtime friends & neighbors in San Rafael, read from their latest collections of poems. Kathy Evans read from Trespassers Welcome and Katharine Harer from Jazz and Other Hot Subjects. Both poets look at the everyday realms of our very human lives as well as the luminous regions of the imagination.  Katharine Harer writes, “When small children like butterflies/appear on warm days fluttering in scattered circles/notice their flashing life.”  Evans answers . . . “This is the hour the day has forgotten. Black has its arms out and the enormous sky wants in.”
Find both books of poetry in the Market in June!
Kathy Evans is the author of four collections of poetry and is currently an artist-in-residence at Benioff Children’s Hospital. Kathy’s latest book, Trespassers Welcome was published in late 2019.
Katharine Harer’s poetry has been published in six small press collections.  She teaches English at Skyline Community College where she is Vice President and Outreach Organizer for the teachers’ union and creative writing at the SF Writing Salon. Katharine grows vegetables in her yard and then she eats them.