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Teas from the Desta Epicures Guild

Desta Epicures Guild is a purveyor offering hand-selected, high quality, organic and fair trade artisanal teas. Desta painstakingly searches the world for the finest ingredients grown using time-honored methods. Desta was created with a philosophy of interconnectedness of all things. It chooses wild harvesting, biodynamic and thoughtful farming. Its intent is to present each ingredient in its authentic state without the use of flavoring that compromises its natural expression.

Desta Epicures Guild embodies the global lifestyle of people who desire personal attention, expect quality, purchase with conscience, and are open to the new and often exotic. With a collection of the very best organic teas hand-blended from botanicals selected locally and around the world. The company gives careful attention to health, flavor, color, and composition. Unique teas blends contain only essential oils when desired instead of “natural” flavoring. Understanding that the very best products necessitate a deep commitment to the highest quality, Desta diligently searches the tea leaves, herbs, flowers, fruits and berries, choosing wild harvested and thoughtfully farmed ingredients. Based in bountiful Marin County, Desta is inspired to work with local herb farmers to create exclusive local herbal blends.