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Truly Grains Pasta: Ancient grains for modern times

Truly Grains is a young Marin-based company on a mission to make grains great again.

Truly Grains Pasta uses only ancient variety grains, also known as landrace, that have been around for hundreds of years, and haven’t been changed by modern breeding techniques. They work with small farms to grow our products organically, and avoid industrial agriculture.

They mill their grains whole using a traditional stone mill, so nothing is removed. Compare that to modern whole wheat, which is ground on a steel roller mill; all the parts are separated before milling. So even though it’s called “whole” wheat, it often is all the endosperm (starch and gluten) and just a portion of the nutrient-rich bran and germ.

There is a new movement around bringing back whole grain foods (especially wheat) the way they were made before the introduction of modern breeding techniques, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and industrial roller mills. Truly Grains is at the forefront; learn more on their Facebook page.

You’ll love the taste of their organically grown, ancient grain, stone ground pasta. More nutritious, more delicious.
The way nature intended.