Skincare products for a winter glow-up

January 2024 – Winter weather can make skin feel dry and dull, so it may help to adjust your skincare routine to suit the season. Giving your skin a gentle scrub, switching to a richer moisturizer, and adding a nourishing body oil is often enough to feel brighter and hydrated. We carefully vet the skincare lines that we carry at the market for sustainability and quality. Each of our vendors expertly channels wellness, but their lines are distinct. The products on our shelves range from holistic to clinical, and all points in between. Take a look at some of our beauty picks, and find the right product for your skin this winter.


Acure keeps their mission simple: to make clean beauty products accessible. They have a devoted following of skincare lovers who appreciate their powerful, vegan formulas. Acure’s Brightening Day Cream uses cica and argan oil to moisturize and fight dullness. Radically Rejuvenating SPF Day Cream is an aloe-based SPF 30 with 15.5% Zinc Oxide. With melatonin and hemp seed oil, Ultra Hydrating Overnight Dream Cream is a mask that works while you sleep.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Staff favorite: Acure’s Brightening Day Cream has a light, citrus-y scent and does a great job balancing skin tone. This is a best seller!


We carry two of Andalou Naturals’ best selling lines — Sensitive 1000 Roses, and Vitamin C boosting Brightening. We recommend their products for sensitive and mature skin, and they are a great value. All for the face, start with either 1000 Roses or Brightening moisturizing creams, and follow with Daily Shade – an SPF that can protect skin no matter the weather. Moroccan Beauty Oil provides an extra layer of hydration for sensitive skin.
Petaluma, CA

Bell Mountain

Bell Mountain offers ethical, sustainable beauty. The team at Bell Mountain knows there are no guarantees when sourcing materials like palm oil, so they use unrefined shea butter and hemp seed oil instead. All products are small-batch, and beautifully made. For the body, start out with El Sol Body Polish for a smoothing, brightening scrub. Follow with Nue Whole Body Oil for a nourishing shine. For the face, try Lummi Hydrating Face Oil before your usual moisturizer. And make Bell Mountain handcrafted bar soaps part of your morning ritual!

Austin, TX


Botnia is a skin care line developed by aesthetician Justine Kahn for professional use. Many of the ingredients are grown on her microfarm in Sausalito. For the body, start with Luminous Body Scrub to buff away ruffness. Follow with Body Cream: “light enough for daily use, powerful enough to carry you across all seasons.” For the face, Botnia’s Hydrating Serum is a light weight pre-moisturizer boost. Hyaluronic acid in this formula is ideal for keeping skin hydrated and forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface.

Sausalito, CA

Fat and the Moon

Good for the body, good for the earth. Fat and the Moon products are handcrafted to feel like nourishing potions. The line is formulated by herbalist healers, and minimal in packaging. For the face, Aloe Lotion is calming and dewy. For whole body hydration, All Cream is rich but soothing with aloe and rose water. Try All Salve for full body repair, including cuticles and chapped skin, because “you can’t be a witch without a salve up your sleeve!” Tinted Lip Balm keeps lips feeling and looking good all winter.
Nevada City, CA

I/E Cosmetics

I/E Cosmetics’ focus is to curb the visible signs of aging. All for the face, Botanical A Night Serum, Total Eye Repair cream, and Ultra Restorative moisturizer, contain active levels of clinical ingredients to promote healthy, glowing skin. I/E strikes a great balance by offering dermatologist level skincare without animal testing or toxic ingredients.
Denver, CO

Staff favorites: Total Eye Repair and Ultra Restorative work really well for mature skin.

Juniper Ridge

With notes of cedar, sage, warm leather, and wood, Juniper Ridge specializes in scents for adventurers and those who love the outdoors. Available in White Sage and Desert Cedar scents, their body oils can be used as both moisturizer and massage oil. Handcrafted bar soaps round out the fragrance collection.
Oakland, CA

Moon Valley Organics

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Moon Valley Organics products use tried and true herbal recipes to heal and protect skin. Herbal Lotion Bar feels velvety and long lasting on, and it’s easy to apply to the whole body. Peppermint Foot Rub nurses busy, dry feet. Herbal Ointment is great for healing dry cuticles and minor scrapes, and their beeswax Lip Balms come in a variety of delicious flavors.
Deming, WA