Minding the kitchen: Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez joined us about a year and a half ago. We’ve been eating better ever since, and hope you have too. Carlos and his team of four whip up our daily selection of salads, burritos, lasagna, chicken curry, chicken tenders and a number of other prepared foods that can be found at the front of our deli section, as well as the homemade soups that we offer in the deli.

“We’re very lucky to have Carlos on our team,” Adam says. “He brings his creativity, hard work and a great attitude to work every day. The food that he and his team are making is not only made with the highest quality ingredients you can find, it’s also incredibly tasty.”

Carlos, a Novato native and the father of two, aged 7 and 10, joined us after eight years working for larger retailers in other parts of Marin. He says he likes the smaller scale of our operations, and the family-like nature of our team. Plus, he believes the quality he can deliver is even better than at larger stores because his ingredients are fresher.

Carlos’ favorite food? Thai. It’s so far been hard working that into our offerings, given the popularity of the fare he and the team are already making every day. We look forward to enjoying his cooking for many meals to come, and we’re game to try some Thai. But we sure hope the gang keeps making those burritos!