Events and Marketing – Caroline Parker

Caroline Parker joined Driver’s in 2013, initially as a publicist for the market’s grand opening. In 2014, Caroline helped launch our event series, Around the Table at Driver’s–a monthly series where innovative speakers join us around our community table–and became the event coordinator, booking and promoting each event. With a background in communications, she also publishes our monthly website and newsletter at “Caroline does an amazing job of running our event series. Her passion for building community through the sharing of ideas and information fits perfectly with the mission statement of the market. She also manages to keep our website and newsletter vibrant and interesting month after month,” said Adam Driver. “We’re so lucky to have her as part of the family!”

Caroline enjoys hosting guests in the market, whether it’s a crowd or an intimate, dinner party-like conversation. “Events take place while the market’s open, so there’s hustle and bustle, and customers stopping by to listen, and that’s really part of the charm,” said Caroline. “The goal is to build community and to share insight with each other. Often with food involved.”

Past speakers:

Food pioneer Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff; Grace Kraaijvanger, founder of The Hivery; Sarah Janssen, MD, public health researcher; Barbara Sapienza, Sausalito novelist; Sushama Gokhale, advocate for the healing powers of food; Karen Diggs, entrepreneur and chef; Sausalito historian Mike Moyle; and Laura Werlin, James Beard Award winning author.

Upcoming events:

Wednesday, August 28, Houseboat history in songs and stories — An evening with Larry Clinton and Joe Tate

Thursday, September 26, Cancer and Healing Energy – A discussion with Sushama Gokhale

Thursday, November 14, Firecider workshop, a DIY workshop with herbalist Danya Mosgofian

Saturday, January 11, Author Jennifer Tyler Lee reads from her newest cookbook

Give a talk:

Caroline books events three to six months out, and encourages members of the community to reach out to her with suggestions. If you have a talk or reading you’d like to give at Driver’s, contact Caroline at and let her know about it!