We’re here for the beer!

Q: What is the Cool Ship at Driver’s?
A: It’s the beer fridge. It’s our new Instagram handle. And it’s a group of friends who love to geek out about beer!

Centuries-old brewing techniques and modern, experimental beers are bookends of the current moment in craft beer. Born of a deep passion among brewers and aficionados in northern California and beyond, traditional styles are rallying alongside exciting innovations. In between are a range of fresh takes on classics beers. “For a while West Coast IPAs dominated. Those styles are still popular, but Hazy IPAs are ruling the day now,” said Adam Driver, our beer buyer and self-proclaimed beer nerd. “We’re building a diverse selection of beers that are made with traditional techniques, but also pushing boundaries creatively.” This goes for the rad art on the labels as well!
The team behind the Cool Ship at Driver’s — Adam, his brother Graham, and Sausalito friends Marshall Reiss and Julian Caustrita, are bringing in exciting beers from around the world. We go directly to northern California breweries that don’t distribute in Marin, procuring the freshest releases from producers like Barebottle Brewing in San Francisco, Moonraker in Auburn and Temescal in Oakland.
Follow along on Instagram as we build @driverscoolship, and keep your eye on our beer fridge. The Cool Ship is your go-to for rare and hard to find beers, and a place to meet fellow beer lovers.


Coolship noun (from the Dutch koelschip) is a type of fermentation vessel used to cool wort in the production of beer. Traditionally, a coolship is a large, open-air, flat tub that allows native wild yeast from the air to inoculate the wort.


There’s a resurgence of popularity for traditional Belgium styles like Guezes, Saisons, and Lambics, and German Goses. Pictured here are Drie Fonteinen’s, Hanssens and Tilquin’s Oude Guezes. Newer takes on traditional Belgians fall into this category with outstanding domestics including De Garde’s ‘Muscat Première’, a barrel-aged sour, and Saisons by Grimm and Blackberry Farm’s.


Young brewers are knocking out releases every week, letting the creative juices flow. They’re pushing the boundaries with beer profiles like Hazy IPAs, Kettle Sours, Juicy IPAs, and Milkshake IPAs. Pictured here are Almanac’s barrel-aged sour ‘Cherry Supernova’, Modern Times and Temescal’s Hazy Lager collab, Moonraker’s ‘Five Oh Five’ Pale Ale, a Black IPA from Laughing Monk, a Triple IPA from Temescal, and ‘Cabana Hammock’, a Hazy Double IPA from Moonraker.