In A Good Place: Xlc Joloronde

March 2018 – Xlc Joloronde (pronounced “shell-sea”) joined Driver’s in August 2015 after relocating to Sausalito with her family. She has always let her passions guide her work life – first as a midwife in Seattle, and later as an educator homeschooling her two sons. Now, with her boys off to high school and college, Xlc brings her passion for food and cooking to her work at Driver’s. When Xlc first applied at the market, she hadn’t thought about working in the produce section. But Adam Driver asked what she thought about the position, and Xlc readily agreed. “I just thought: I’m not afraid to work hard, I’ll do it,” she said. As soon as she started working in produce, Xlc felt really comfortable.  “This is what it means to love a job that you haven’t studied for or dreamed about. I love it,” said Xlc.

Xlc is a vital part of the morning crew — a people-person who knows all the customers. “Xlc is amazing. She’s incredibly dependable and hardworking, she takes great pride in her work, and she’s a pleasure to be around. Not to mention our customers love her, too! We’re so lucky to have her in the Driver’s family,” said Adam.

Xlc shares her enthusiasm throughout the market, whether she’s trading cookbook recommendations with a customer, or encouraging a new employee. “This is a really great place to work,” she said.