Bini’s Kitchen

Driver’s Deli is the unofficial Marin outpost of Bini’s Kitchen, making us a foodie destination to those in the know. Binita Pradhan launched Bini’s Kitchen through the food incubator La Cocina in 2012, serving devoted fans of her Nepalese cooking over the years, and opening a brick-and-mortar spot on Howard Street in San Francisco in 2019. We love Bini’s super authentic Nepalese food, and love to watch her star keep on rising. Our deli proudly serves Bini’s Gurkha Chicken, Palungo Saag, and Daal — hot and so delicious! More about Bini’s compelling journey here.

Driver’s Tip: order the Combo Plate — it comes with brown rice, yogurt, jalapeno and na’an.