Spring skin care under the mask

Green hills, gorgeous weather, and…masks. Signs of spring are everywhere, and uplift our bodies and the world around us. But what is going on under our masks? Here are a few suggestions to rejuvenate your skincare routine, and make it mask friendly.



Gently wash away sweat and dirt trapped in your mask
evanhealy | Blue Lavendar Cleansing Milk
Botnia | Renewing Face Wash
Fat and the Moon | Light as a Featha Cleanser



The long Winter is over! Switch to a lighter moisturizer to prevent oily skin
Badger | Face Oil
Botnia | Hydrating Serum
Acure | Seriously Soothing Cloud Cream



Masks can irritate skin, so skip the exfoliators and opt for calming balms
Botnia | Soothing Repair Mask
La Vigne | Mayan Magic Balm
Dead Sea | Mud Mask



Roll away puffiness around your eyes, and amp up your lashes
EccoBella | FlowerColor Mascara
Little Seed Farm | Rose Quartz Facial Roller



Skip foundations and lipsticks if possible. Try a light lip tint instead
Hemp Organics | Natural Lip Tint



Spring produce is water-rich, and packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Glow up with a juice from our deli, or make your own Power Green Smoothie with @GirlMeetsVegan
Spinach | Kale | Ginger | Apple | Cucumber