Sultry Gypsy | Driver's Market

A health-conscious spirit

Danya Mosgofian of San Francisco explains that she named her business the Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. to evoke the sense of a “free, untamable spirit.” A lifelong photographer, in 2010 she began studying herbal medicine at Forestville’s California School for Herbal Studies. She identified a need for alcohol-free herbal formulas with more efficacy and strength than what was on offer, and has created a growing range of products. We offer many of her remedies, including a pain salve and formulas indicated, as their names suggest, at various symptoms: Anti-Viral, Headache Relief, Cramp-Ease, Gentle Sleep, Brain Gain, Second Immunity, Fussy Gut Relief, Nerve Ease and Relax.

“I have always felt some kind of connection to earth-based medicines,” Danya says, adding that her mother began exploring homeopathic remedies in the early 1980s. “So with good practical instincts, combined with my life’s experience and my health issues that give me insight into how they manifest and function, I felt driven to create my own work to share with people.”

The advantages of her alcohol-free remedies lie in both better taste and greater potency, she says. She notes there are quite a few people who either cannot or do not consume alcohol, so it’s good for them to have concentrated herbal formulas as an option and not just singular herbs. “I really hope my remedies can help provide that option and help people!”

In addition to Danya’s herbal adventures, she loves making things from scratch –  ceramics, jewelry, photography, sculpture, drawings, painting, dance, filmmaking, screenwriting. “So this is just another extension of that creative force,” she says.