Sunny in Sausalito: Abrenna Johnson


There is a lot to love at Driver’s Market, and having a cheerful chat with Abrenna Johnson is one of them.


Lead cashier for two years now, Abrenna (Abr•EE•na) has a gift for customer service. You could say her smile greets all of Sausalito everyday. Abrenna engages her customers at the register, exchanging tips on new favorite items and dinner ideas.


To her boss Adam Driver, Abrenna embodies the friendly vibe of the market. “Abrenna just kind of glows. She is a pleasure to work with and we feel really lucky to consider her part of the Driver’s family,” he said.


Abrenna juggles work with caring for her twins, five-year old Amonte and Delonte, who started Kindergarten in August. “Motherhood and work, that’s my life,” she said with a laugh. Her boys are her sun and moon, without question. But Abrenna loves meeting the children who shop at the market with their families.


“I have a lot of Driver’s babies – the kids I see everyday,” she said. “I like to watch them grow up. I met one of my babies when he was a tiny newborn, and I had just started working here. He took his first steps here in the café area the other day. He walked right over to me!”


Driver’s Market feels like home to Abrenna. “That’s the atmosphere here,” she said. “It feels like working for a huge, extended family.”