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TCHO, obsessed from the beginning

TCHO is a craft chocolate manufacturer obsessed with creating amazing chocolate, innovating in everything they do, and making a better world — from tree, to bean, to bar.

The obsession begins at origin with TCHOSource, its unique sourcing program, designed to obtain the best beans in the world while enabling its partners in country of origin to earn a better living. Through installing flavor labs, hosting sensory analysis training, cacao producers are able to taste the chocolate they’ve grown and truly begin to understand what fine flavor cocoa tastes like … for the first time ever. The innovative and flavor-driven approach continues throughout the process of creating chocolates at its San Francisco-based chocolate factory. From co-creation programs for its chocolates, aptly named “Beta”, to its chocolate makers creating hundreds of small batches of chocolate to perfect each recipe, it is said that TCHO marries the relentless pursuit of innovation to the obsession with flavor and quality that has become iconic to the San Francisco Bay Area.