A variety of wines for your holiday table

Our wine buyer Niesa has put together a diverse list of wines that work well with Thanksgiving menus. Combine them for a festive selection at your holiday parties. Niesa says each wine brings its own distinct “quintessence” while complimenting the flavors of Thanksgiving.
Mix and match with merriment, they are sure to delight! ~ Niesa

Vinca Minor. Chardonnay. Crushed Rocks, Lemon Pith, Quince. $39.99

Occhipinti SP68. Bianco Zibibbo & Albanello. Honeysuckle, Mint, Dried Apricot. $25.99

Eric Kent. Rosé of Pinot & Syrah. White Pomegranate, Jasmine, Red Currant. $20.99

Umathum Rosa. Zweigelt & Blaufränkisch. Alpine Strawberry, Quartz, Key Lime. $19.99

Pax Valdiguié. Cassis, Rose Petal, Winesap Apple Skin. $20.99

Fedellos do Couto, Lomba dos Ares. Mencia Blend. Tart Cherry, Cedar, Flint. $27.99

To be enjoyed together as a festive cocktail or separately…



Poe. Sparkling Rosé. Raspberry, Angelica, Guava. $43.99







Poe. Vin d’Sange. Vermouth made from a base of Pinot Noir infused with Blood Orange and Secret Spices. $20.99

Niesa Granger is available for holiday wine pairing advice! You can contact her at https://www.savoircru.com/contact/ to set an appointment in person or an email consultation.