Kombucha on tap | Driver's Market

Your neighborhood kombucha

Marin Kombucha founder Brian Igersheim studied biology and chemistry in college, then went to work in the food industry. This year, he launched his new venture to put his accumulated expertise to work making his own version of kombucha, the popular fermented fizzy tea drink. As the overview on the company’s website explains, kombucha is the result of “a playful ferment” – sugar turns to alcohol, but then the alcohol is converted into other acids and nutrients, “producing a pleasant, healthy, and naturally carbonated elixir.”

Marin Kombucha undergoes strict process controls from the beginning of fermentation through kegging, bottling, and refrigerated delivery. As a result of years of our own trials and research, the company uniquely ends primary fermentation (aerobic fermentation) at a pH of 3.5 and begins a short cycle of secondary (anaerobic) fermentation to bring its Kombucha tea to the utmost potential and palatability.

Brian says oak-aging during fermentation “enhances the drink’s unique flavor profile, palatability and beneficial health properties: probiotics, antioxidants and detoxifying organic acids.” The three signature flavors reflect the bounty of local harvests: Original Oak, Apple Juniper and Pinot Sage. They are available either in 16-oz. bottles or on tap at our deli counter.