Art in the time of COVID

September 2020 – The Artists of Issaquah show, which ran from 2003-2013, nurtured both pre-professional and established artists and celebrated creative expression in the floating homes community. Revived in 2018 as Artists@Issaquah, the event hoped to continue every other year. Sadly, the pandemic canceled the 2020 showcase.
In 2018, the show featured the work of 17 artists in ten floating homes, including glassblowers, jewelers, painters, photographers, sculptors and water colorists. You can see work from those artists here:
The quarantine may stop the show this year, but it doesn’t hinder creativity. In fact, one of the Issaquah artists, Jim Woessner, decided to “make lemonade” during the pandemic shelter in place. He collaborated with his friend and writer, John Hewitt, to write a book together. Here is a description of their book, which is now available at Driver’s Market and online here:
The Roadkill Saga, a new, hilarious novella co-authored by Jim Woessner and John Hewitt during the COVID crisis, is the story of two California women quarantined on a cruise ship in Brazil. Desperate to return home, Monica and Allegra devise an escape plan that goes terribly wrong. From waiting tables in a sleazy dive bar to starring in a production of Macbeth, from stowing away on an arms smuggling ship to being taken hostage by drug traffickers, the women not only endure but rise to creative heights even they didn’t know they possessed. In their determination to get home, the two women ride trains, planes, automobiles, motorcycles, a chariot, a forklift, a wheelchair, and a hot-air balloon. Nothing will prevent their triumphal return to Mill Valley, California.


Jim Woessner reads from The Roadkill Saga:


Are you a Sausalito artist or writer working through the pandemic? Do you have work you’d like to share with the community? If so, please let us know!