Let’s cook! New cookbooks and staff favorites

Cookbook season is traditionally celebrated in the fall when publishers release the hottest books of the year. This year we’re excited for a few new titles, and also looking back at some of our favorites from past years. Fill your market baskets with a new cookbook, pristine vegetables, sustainable meats, healthful grains…and get cooking!


New release
Sababa, which translates as “everything is awesome,” is an appropriate title for this outstanding collection of fresh variations on recipes from Israel and the Middle East. From Israeli author Adeena Sussman. “Sababa is a breath of fresh, sunny air.” —The New York Times.

Half the Sugar, All the Love

New release
Quitting sugar doesn’t mean giving up the foods you love. Co-authors Jennifer Tyler Lee and Stanford pediatrician Anisha Patel team up to explain how you can keep the flavor and avoid sneaky added sugar. Join us on Saturday, February 1 for an in-store book event with Jennifer!

Nothing Fancy

New release
To author Alison Roman, it’s not entertaining–it’s having people over. The New York Times columnist, and author of Dining In helps you nail dinner with unfussy food, unstuffy vibes, and the permission to be imperfect.

Vegan for Everybody

Staff favorite 💚
America’s Test Kitchen decodes and demystifies vegan cooking so you can reap its many benefits. We love the rigorously tested recipes in this book, and we recommend it to committed vegan cooks as well as those looking to freshen up their cooking.

The Art of Simple Food

Staff favorite 💚
An indispensable resource for home cooks from one of our heroines, Alice Waters. The recipes are timeless classics that showcase great ingredients. It’s a great pleasure to cook from this book!


Staff favorite 💚
There are few books that offer home cooks a new way to cook and to think about flavor—and fewer that do it with the clarity and warmth of Nik Sharma’s writing. We love the introduction to the book: “The story of a gay immigrant, told through food.”