All Eyes on Craft Beer

Craft beer is having a moment. Small, independent brewers across the country are pushing boundaries on brewing techniques and flavor profiles. Ingredients like coffee, chili pepper and pine impart subtle flavors and aromas to these masterful brews. The brewers’ innovation extends to edgy and modern label art, bordering on collectible. As craft breweries continue to grow creatively, they also take a larger chunk of the national beer market every year. Small, independent breweries now account for more than 12% of the U.S. beer market by volume and are considered a significant rival to ‘Big Beer.’
Driver’s carries a wide selection of craft beers and has become a destination for beer lovers seeking hard to find labels. We checked in with Adam Driver to get the low-down on a few local breweries.

Almanac Beer Co.

Almanac specializes in barrel-aged sour beers. Founders Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan source the ingredients in their farm to barrel series from small, local farms.
Almanac is one of Adam’s favorite sour beer brewers!

Fort Point Beer Co.

Founded in 2014 by brothers Justin and Tyler Catalana, Fort Point Beer is one of the fastest growing breweries in California. According to San Francisco Business Times, they’ve doubled production every year for the past four years.
Fort Point’s KSA was our best selling 6-pack of 2017.

Headlands Brewing

Headlands Brewing only brews four beers currently, three of which are available at Driver’s Market. The Marin company, started by Phil Cutti and Patrick Horn, is dedicated to sustainability. These are great food-pairing beers.
Headland’s Hill 88 Double IPA is the only IPA on tap at Sushi Ran.

HenHouse Brewing Company

HenHouse was founded by Collin McDonnell, Scott Goyne and Shane Goepel in 2012. “The trio started with $30,000 and on nights, weekends, and a lot of hope,” wrote the North Bay Business Journal about the partners. HenHouse is growing rapidly and plans to double in 2018.
HenHouse rotates through their extremely popular seasonal IPAs in addition to their year-round beers.

North Coast Brewing Co.

North Coast is one of the pioneers of the craft beer movement. Founded in 1988, they are still independently owned with no plans to sell out.
North Coast’s Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout is our best selling dark beer and has won 14 gold medals since its creation.

Sufferfest Beer

Created for athletes, all of Sufferfest’s beers are brewed to remove gluten. Each batch is tested to less than 5 parts per million gluten. Founded in 2016 by endurance athlete Caitlin Landesberg.
Sufferfest’s Flyby Pilsner was a Good Food Awards winner in 2017.