Fall Faces: Skincare for healing

October 2021 – We are passionate about healthy skin, and we carefully vet the skincare lines that we carry at the Market for sustainability and quality. Each of our vendors expertly channels wellness, but their lines are really distinct! The products on our shelves range from holistic to clinical, and all points in between. Here’s a breakdown of our skincare lines, so you can find the product that is just right for you.


I/E Cosmetics

I/E Cosmetics’ focus is to curb the signs of aging. Their products, including their 15% Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum, contain active levels of clinical ingredients to promote healthy, glowing skin. I/E strikes a great balance by offering dermatologist level skincare without animal testing or toxic ingredients.



You know that feeling of totally indulging your skin? EvanHealy does that for us. Their hand made products are rich in wild grown plants and mineral clays. EvanHealy facials and daily care products will leave you with a vitality that you can smell, feel and see on the skin.


Fat and the Moon

Good for the body, good for the earth. Fat and the Moon products are handcrafted to feel like nourishing, magical potions. The line is formulated by herbalist healers, and minimal in packaging. We love their moisturizing creams and lip stain.



We carry two of Petaluma-based Andalou Naturals’ best selling lines — Sensitive 1000 Roses, and Vitamin C boosting Brightening. We love their cleansers and moisturizers for sensitive and mature skin, and they are a great value!



Botnia is a skincare line developed by aesthetician Justine Kahn for her own professional use. Many of the ingredients are grown on her microfarm in Sausalito. We love Botnia’s Balancing Oil Cleanser, a gentle way to reduce inflammation.


In the Wellness aisle

In addition to our Body care department, our Wellness department (just across the aisle!)  is also a great place to find skin support. Our homeopathic offerings include popular healers like Calendula and Arnica gels, as well as CBD lotions to promote skin and whole-body care. Don’t forget your collagen supplements!