In the cooler: Feel-good drinks

June 2024 – We carry a range of non-alcoholic drinks infused with ingredients thought to lift your spirits,  support digestion, and improve cognitive function. While the benefits of functional drinks vary from person to person, there’s solid research behind ingredients like baobab, probiotics, adaptogenic mushrooms, and CBD. Take a look at our selection of functional beverages, and give them a try, hopefully they make you feel great. Let us know what you think!

Biotic Ferments
Kvass probiotic refresher
Supports: Digestive health, Gut biome, Balanced mood

Farmhouse Culture
Probiotic ‘Gut Shot’
Supports: Digestive health, Gut biome, Balanced mood
Driver’s Tip: Take a gut shot twice a day – each bottle will last a few days!

GT’s Alive
Adaptogenic mushroom elixirs
Supports: Mental clarity, Balanced mood, Gentle caffeine boost

CBD infused drinks
Supports: Calmness, Relaxation, Pain relief

Baobab drinks: Love Potion & Happiness Blend
Supports: Blood sugar levels, Immunity, Balanced mood.

Guayasa tea and Magtein
Supports: Gentle energy boost, Cognitive function

Sparkling prebiotic and probiotic drinks
Supports: Gut biome, Digestive health, Balanced mood