The Road to Zero Waste: For our homes, our cities and our planet

At the Around the Table at Driver’s talk in February 2016, Bay Area waste experts Donnie Oliveira and Janelle Fitzpatrick came to Driver’s to discuss the issues of Zero Waste and the work they are doing to shape policy at a global scale. Here is  an overview of their talk:

Can today’s food scraps really fight climate change? Our consumption has a critical impact on the plant, yet our waste options are becoming more complicated.  Fitzpatrick and Oliveira delve deeper than “what goes in what bin” (though they cover that too) and discuss issues of:  • increasing consumption  • climate change and behavioral science  • the future of food-to-table-to-soil.

Janelle Fitzpatrick is a Zero Waste Specialist for the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Janelle’s work consists of leveraging a variety of policy, education and project tools to support one of the most highly regarded and copied Zero Waste programs in the United States. Before joining the City, Janelle was co-founder of the celebrated Hayes Valley Farm, where she was the Farm Education Director.

Donnie Oliveira is the Communications and Outreach Manager for the San Francisco Department of the Environment.  Donnie is helping to shape the way the San Francisco engages its residents around the issues of climate change, with a special focus on underserved communities. As co-author of the City’s Climate Action Strategy as well as the the City’s 0-50-100-ROOTS climate campaign (, Donnie brings a unique perspective on how communities can approach sustainability at macro and micro levels.

Janelle Fitzpatrick and Donnie Oliveira

Janelle Fitzpatrick and Donnie Oliveira