Evan Shephard Reiff talk

Buddhist Approach to Resolutions

How to Keep Your New Years Health Resolutions with Evan Shepherd Reiff, MSTCM, L.Ac.

At the Around the Table at Driver’s event in January 2016,  Evan Shepherd Reiff of Marin Oriental Medicine discussed the ancient Buddhist teaching of View-Path-Action as it relates to an Integrative Medicine approach to making lasting changes in life…starting with your New Year’s Resolution.


This article is an overview as Evan touched on how Mindfulness and Mental Wellness techniques, Functional Medicine and Exercise, Amino Acid and Dietary therapy, can bring optimal success to our New Year’s aspirations.


Talk overview:


Time and time again, we watch the sprint of New Year’s resolutions dissipate into a stroll of complacency. Initial passion, often fueled by “crisis” or even an epiphany of awakening, pushes people powerfully forward. And yet, unless this momentum is properly grounded in the triad of ‘View-Path-Action,’ most people gradually revert to an old, comfortable pattern, with a texture of failure, and sometimes shame.


First and foremost, we must understand the importance of benefiting both ourselves and others equally with the change we wish to see and become. Second, we must understand the reasons why we are in our present situation and what is needed to skillfully make the desired changes. This could include making a change in diet, for example; but then, what is the right kind of new diet to adopt? Or, what deficiencies, sensitivities, and toxicities might be present to keep pulling us toward the same old choices and same old results? It’s not all in our heads…or our stomachs! Lastly, how can we take action in ways that supports our desired change? For some, “Just say No” works fine…others need a different plan of action to get their desired results.




As a Primary Care practitioner and specialist in Oriental Medicine, Evan Shepherd Reiff has dedicated his professional life to providing effective treatment and relief for conditions involving anxiety, depression, pain, trauma, stress, dependency (or addictions) in men, women, adolescents and children. He is a dedicated, long-time Buddhist practitioner which gives him a unique insight into the mental-emotional and behavioral aspects of healing.  In clinical practice he works closely with medical doctors, psychologists, osteopathic physicians and other healthcare practitioners and their patients to reduce or eliminate the need for prescriptions drugs and mitigate their undesirable side effects.


In addition to his Sausalito clinic, Evan is present in the field and the conference room. You may have seen him providing treatments and mindfulness training at Homeless Veterans “Stand Down” programs, the Veterans Home of California, Yountville, the 2012 John F. Kennedy University conference, “Front Line to Home Front: Promoting Recovery from PTSD & TBI”, Foundations Recovery Network’s “Freedom and Recovery”, the California Peer Support Association Conference in addition to other trauma and addictions conferences. Outside of the Untied States, Evan has provided trauma care in Nepal to orphans, monastic refugees from Tibet and women rescued from the sex trade in India.


Evan Shepherd Reiff has practiced mediation and mindfulness for over twenty years, and maintains close relationships with some of the most experienced and dedicated teachers and masters in this field. He brings this wisdom and experience in understanding the mind into his clinical practice. For more information please go to www.marinorientalmedicine.com.


Evan Shephard Reiff