Thanksgiving Wines

A Thanksgiving note from our wine merchant, Niesa Granger, who put together a beautiful selection of holiday wines:


The holidays are here and it’s time to celebrate! What a joy it is to be able to gather with family and loved ones again. Let’s try to not stress, put on our fanciest attire and get this party started!! These wines will be a delightful addition to any holiday table. Breath in the bouquet and smile. Even if the table isn’t without controversy or taboo conversation. The turkey is dry, or you burnt the cranberry sauce. Remember this isn’t a celebration of perfection, more of a celebration of our imperfection. A celebration of our unique quirks and personalities and the love that brings so many differences together. Share all the funny stories from our year of self reflection. Celebrate seeing each other in a new light. Celebrate your love and hug. Real heart chakra hugs. Life is like wine, it’s much better when shared.


Walter Scott Pinot

Willamette Valley | Oregon


Walter Scott Chardonnay

Willamette Valley | Oregon


Tissot Singulier Trousseau

Jura | France


Pfister Lenz Gewurztraminer 

Alsace | France


Marquiliani Rose of Sciaccarellu

Corsica | France


Gea Falavosca Rose Pet Nat of Nebbiolo

Piemonte | Italy