Foodie trend: Tinned fish is chic and sustainable

August 2023 – Look past the conventional canned tuna options and you’ll find a culinary treasure waiting to be explored. Tinned fish is gaining in popularity, and with good reason. These little cans pack a punch of flavor and convenience, offering shelf-stable options for seafood lovers and foodies. Choose from octopus in lemon and dill (Tiny Fish Co.), fried mussels in marinade (José Gourmet), or smoked salmon with Sichuan chili crisp (Fishwife) – each tin holds a unique flavor combo. The packaging is cheerful, with illustrations that catch the eye and make great food gifts. We like to plate the fish in their delicious oils, creating a tapas with great bread, olives, and a dry white wine.


While most gourmet fish canneries are in Portugal and Spain, more US producers like Patagonia Provisions and Fishwife are getting into the business. Responsible fishing and sustainability are top priority, and all of the varieties we offer at Driver’s Market list the origin of the catch, and where it was processed. Here are a few favorites from our tinned fish selection, with an emphasis on local producers. Keep an eye on this section, as our offerings continue to grow.

Los Angeles


A woman-owned company aiming to make ethically-sourced, premium tinned fish a staple in every pantry. Fishwife tins are hand-packed, and the harvest methods are listed and traceable.


Patagonia enlists scientific partners to choose thriving fisheries for their harvests. The team sources Atlantic mackerel, anchovies and mussels with techniques that help protect marine ecosystems, minimize bycatch and provide the highest quality and flavor.



“Somewhere between art and Portuguese gastronomy.” The José team has set out to reimagine canned seafood with authenticity and sustainability.




Chef Sara Hauman’s focus is on highlighting sustainable species found in domestic waters and tinning them with unique flavors.



A cannery that puts sustainability first, Matiz sardines and mackerel are harvested off of the coast of Galicia: an autonomous community in Spain known for its green forests, wild beaches, and incredible seafood.



Harvested from thriving fisheries chosen with the help of scientific partners around the world. Patagonia sources wild salmon with techniques that help protect marine ecosystems, minimize bycatch and provide the highest quality and flavor.